headshot-silhouette1Everything about Lola was amazing! When we first met, I could tell that she was passionate about her photography. I was impressed by her technical knowledge of the photographic process and the samples of her work were beautiful. Now that it has been a few months since my son’s Bar Mitzvah, I know that I made the right choice in picking Lola as the photographer. During the event, Lola was organized, kept things on schedule, worked hard and was kind to all my guests. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. Lola’s pictures are gorgeous! Lola was able to capture the joy and emotions of my son’s day. Every time I look at the pictures, I feel that I am there, experiencing his special day all over again. The portraits of my son are absolutely breathtaking. His personality shines through each photo. Lola was able to capture him at his best! One of the greatest parts of Lola’s services is that she actually puts together the album for you. She was right on about the photos that I would have chosen for my book. She offers the opportunity to sit down with her to discuss and finalize each photo that would go into the album, making you part of the editing process. The finished product is unbelievable. The cover and the quality of the album is a perfect match to the precious pictures inside. Lola was able to give us just what we wanted, but in a way that I never expected.
Stacey D – 2013
headshot-silhouette1 Lola was a such a pleasure to work with before, during and after my wedding. My Husband and I kept saying after our wedding how lucky we were to find such an amazing photographer. Besides the amazing experience working with Lola, she also created our wedding album. At first I took this service for granted until I realized that a lot of my fellow brides had to ‘fend for themselves’ when it came to creating an album. Lola put together a sample wedding album and then worked with me to change some pictures in it. I have never seen such a beautiful wedding album. I trusted her with the layout and colors and was very pleased with the finished product.I wish that every bride could be as lucky as us to have found such a wonderful photographer! Lola, you are the best!
Katharine D – 2012
headshot-silhouette1Working with Lola was wonderful! I knew I wanted her to photograph our wedding from our first meeting, she made me feel very comfortable and made sure I thought about all my options and helped me develop a schedule for the day. She is professional, very organized, and had no problem keeping a very large and outspoken family focused. Our pictures came out beautifully and it seems like she was everywhere at once! Not a moment missed. She puts so much effort and artistry into her albums, they are truly more than just a recap of the day. Lola has captured our happiest moments for all time and we couldn’t be happier with our choice in her!
Tarah O – 2012
headshot-silhouette1Lola Farra absolutely delivered an artistically and aesthetically stunning album and set of proofs for our event. I was expecting nothing but the best, and we certainly got that. But Lola is also the loveliest person you could ever want to work with. Keep in mind that the photographer you hire will be a guest at your event, photographing intimate moments with family and friends. Lola was so invisible, I couldn’t believe the photos she took. She relaxed everyone for the formals and was patient and professional. We also had some last minute schedule changes, and her flexibility was so appreciated by all. She is a TOP TIER professional in every way. She also does something different than other photographers: she designs your album for you, with your input. So many people I know end up not ordering an album because they can’t decide on the photos. Lola does this FOR YOU and it is all part of her service- she doesn’t charge extra for this! Trust me, while her pricing may be above mid-range, she is worth every cent. I have already secured her for our net event. Hire Lola. You will be so grateful and will not look back.
Jodie C – 2012
headshot-silhouette1Lola was amazing! Every picture is like a work of art. She was truly the best photographer I could wish for and would recommend her over and over. She captured every detail (thank goodness, since you really forget everything the next day and I forgot that as the bride I end up not seeing a ton of it!) I almost didn’t splurge on photos and looking back I thank god that I went for it. Her albums, too, are amazing! Ours is on our coffee table and everyone raves about it. I can’t imagine if I went in another direction. This was seriously the best investment out of everything on the checklist without a doubt. Go with Lola. She knows what she is doing, what you want exactly, and more. You’ll be so happy you did.
Melissa C – 2011
headshot-silhouette1Lola was an absolute pleasure to work with. From beginning to end she was very responsive and incredibly organized. She took LOTS of time with me through multiple meetings to ensure that we ended with a finished product that I was happy with. I was left with beautiful pictures and an exquisite album! Also, she designed my thank you cards which were the nicest ones I have ever seen. Lola will not disappoint and her quality is top notch.
Lisa M – 2011

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