For all events, a one or two photographer service is available, depending on your needs.  Each event is thoughtfully prepared for; visiting all locations, discussing a requested photo list, and producing a realistic timeline. All events are photographed using Canon’s line of professional equipment, including two complete backup systems.  And although many images will be taken quietly from a distance, some will taken interactively.  Being with your family and friends, your photographer will become an integral part of your day; from the beginning stages of getting ready, right through the fun and craziness that culminates on the dance floor.

For portrait work (seniors, families, babies), sessions are carefully planned and often take place in locations with personal significance. Lola Farra Photography reserves a limited number of portrait sessions throughout the year. Please contact the studio for details and availability.

Lola Farra Wedding Photography

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography by Lola Farra